BAH 2012 took place from November 09 – November 19, 2012 at the Vaartkom, Leuven, Belgium. It showcased 15 artists and over 75 works installed in a 900 m2 (8100 square feet) space. The scenography was set out by interior architect Pieter Vandenhout in dialogue with Tom Van Hove and Maxime Van Melkebeke. For this second edition they wanted to accentuate the linearity and geometric feel of the raw and concrete undeveloped commercial space in order to create a large gallery space. Instead of rendering the space in to a white cube, they reversed the polarity and rendered it into a black cube.

Participating artists:

Raoul De Keyser Luc Tuymans Vadim Vosters
Bert De Beul Willy De Sauter Idriz Jossa
Jan Fabre Dirk Janssens Hilde Overbergh
Berlinde De Bruyckere Liesje Reyskens Wim Nys
Hans Op de Beeck Peter Legein Mossieux Collective
Hans Fohan Thomas Richard Mertens Haute Cuisine