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Born 1964 – Belgiumhilde-overbergh

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Hilde Overbergh is a Belgian artist, who studied fine arts in Brussels, California and Hasselt.

Her work develops “out of” and “from within” daily life. Her paintings evolve from snapshots of unexpected situations as well as ordinary daily events and objects that sparked her imagination. Peeling away the layers of each image, she seeks to reduce it to its essence. Objects are parted from their original context and together with other elements introduced into a new setting.These constructed realities are often reminiscent of stage sets. Exploring the ways in which we create our own hideaways from the outside world, Hilde’s work reflects on the strategies we devise to make our everyday environment livable. In this architectural context, the boundaries between the protected interior and world outside sometimes seem to evaporate, offering the viewer a look through the walls, zooming in on the life behind them. Unusual compositions and perspectives produce a slightly alienating effect upon the viewer.Balancing between figuration and abstraction, she explores the boundaries between physical and virtual space.

Her work witnesses an intense and sustained pictorial search.