Idriz Jossa

Profile: Idriz Jossa

Born 1966 – Belgium
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At the end of the eighty’s he studied fashion ay the School of fine Arts in Antwerp.

In 1988 he was founder of the famous “New Beat Fashion” style –called “The Bommabadge collection”.

Mid 90ths he created the collection Zapp and in 2005 he designed the hyped collection “Clochard de Luxe” with 80 selling points in the Benelux and France. Over the years he did many showroom presentations in Brussels, Amsterdam and Paris.

Legendary is his “Idriz Jossa goes POP” fashion show at the Museum Vanderkeln -What> , Leuven in 2003 where he makes the perfect mix between Fashion and Art.

In 2008 -’09 was there the project: Oh, my God!, where he turns chasubles in elegant lady silhouettes, with exhibitions at the Fashion museums, Antwerp and Hasselt -Belgium and Flanders House, New York -US.

Shuffling between Fashion and Art was always his point, but he picked back up the paintbrush in 2011.

He makes situation sketches of live saying, “holding the monkey out of the human” in all his different forms. Each work is strong in expressiveness, confronting, right in the face, “Under the skin” situations who blow our minds.

For the exhibition in Leuven he selects 5 of his painting from the series Relapse. The theme “relapse” is reflecting the actual atmosphere and velocity of the world. Relapse: Collapsing, falling back, turning over, we are running head over heels.

Transformations of the society, freely and very direct, our society is haunting us.