Liesje Reyskens

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Born 1984 – Belgium

The work of the talented photographer Liesje Reyskens is characterised by colour, contrast, originality, sensuality and innocence.

Reyskens has been captivated by photography since her high school days. Dress-up parties with friends would invariably turn into photo shoots, and she eventually came to realise that this was more than just a hobby. Photography gave her life focus, not just literally but figuratively as well. Reyskens decided to throw herself headlong into photography,starting at the Media and Design Academy of the Limburg Catholic University College (KHLim) in Genk. There she acquired the technical knowledge needed for the work, but found that, for her, cultural aspects were equally important.

In 2007 Reyskens graduated magna cum laude for her independent photography work. Thereafter, she applied twice for the ‘Canvas Collection’ and was successful on both occasions, with her work included in the exhibitions in the Brussels Centre for Fine Arts (‘BOZAR’). This got the ball rolling; exhibitions followed soon Amsterdam, Roosendaal, Antwerp, Milan, Toronto, Copenhagen,…

As an art photographer, she is always looking for the bridge between realism and fantasy. Her photos portray youthful innocence with a fairy-tale sheen, but at the same time there’s a catch, as though a black page is lurking somewhere in that fairytale.

She regularly does the make-up and styling herself, and when it comes to settings in particular she opts for uncompromising, original and strong decors.