Peter Legein

Profile: Peter Legein

Born 1960 – Belgium


Humble search for image, shadow, light, detail, and the surprising strength of the contrast …

At random, he uses the camera, without drawn theme, with a small selection lenses. Object, scene, man, contradictory light, the caption of a underlying effect, the controlled manipulation of the grain, contrast, …. The depth of a 3D image, move to a 2D image, without compromising strength, quite on the contrary.

Repeatedly he examines how colors and contrasts reinforce each other, and thereby tries to capture the the essence of the image and strip it from her background as strong as possible. The fascination of what the eye wants to see, sees, is unwilling or unable to see, but makes the effort to discover more in an image, then we “apparently” at the first moment suspect to see, and to look for it.

This exhibition shows how a particular image is captured, contrasted and greatly strengthened by rather taking away “content” than adding it, and conducts strict the strength of this at first sight stubborn angle.

Peter Legein took his first steps in photography, years ago during his military service, as a pastime rather than as a passion. For some time, however, he let the camera aside. Until the dawn of the digital revolution, when he carefully picked up the thread. Digitizing + manipulating the image, first results are seen.

Professionally Peter Legein was active in the lighting world, 20 years in the high-end designer lighting, the actual application of the play between light and shadow.

Living, working, office and garden area, were the deliberate field, and more by sense of emotion and intuition than by following any conventions whatsoever, light efficiency was associated with quality of life, which at first glance seems quite contrasting …..

… “Picture: two dimensional arrangement of lines and colors Intended to have aesthetic value …”