Vadim Vosters

Profile: Vadim Vosters

Born 1979 – France
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Vadim Vosters can initially be called a painter, a painter of the darkness, but he’s also an artist of light. In the period of his study he makes a series of self-portraits, then he took photos of themselves that the painting as much as possible approached. It was just about the opposite of what normally happens as a statement for himself.

He actually found his niche in mixed media. He went to work with slide projectors. Meanwhile he has been selected three times for the exhibition “Young artists’ Ghent respectively by Chris Dercon (2002), Luk Lambrecht (2003) and Philippe Van Cauteren (2005). In the first two exhibitions he shows photographs and paintings in a fascinating and interesting confrontation. A comparison of the catalogs shows how he had grown, both in theme and in technique and craftsmanship. For the exhibition of 2005 he came with something completely different. He illuminates the Palmarium (the conservatory where palm trees are grown) of the Ghent Botanical Garden with a projector and plays that way with the light and shadow. It is an expressionist interference.

He also chooses deliberately dark rooms. The dark, the lack of visibility, gives rise to fantasize. His paintings have a kind of intimacy, they are not always reassuring, but they are like a personal conversation between the represented, the imagined and the viewer. And it is a conversation that you will have in whispers or hushed voices, screaming would make no sense.

The work of Vadim Vosters calls on the reminiscences of the symbolists, of the 19th century. He starts from the darkness and lets lightness and light appear in a masterly way.

There is also a somewhat threatening atmosphere in his paintings, they make sure that you see them, you can not go by without you noticing them. He devotes much attention to the way the suspension, the placement of his work in space. Hanging a painting is also an installation in the artistic sense. In 2007 he was invited to be artist in residence in Japan. A true culture shock that resulted in an installation with slide projectors at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Osaka. The use of slide projectors is not defined anymore. The Japanese visitors were so amazed of that installation that occasionally was subject to very normal vibrations stampings and wondered what ingenious means he used to ensure this.

The record of Vadim already looks impressive and gradually he gains recognition beyond the borders. He displayed a work in the Hermitage Amsterdam (which will be on display at BAH). Following the prestigious exhibition “Rubens, Van Dyck and Jordaens. Flemish painters from the Hermitage”, a number of young Flemish artists were invited to give an interpretation on the work of their illustrious predecessors.

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