Wim Nys

Profile: Wim Nys

Born 1977 – Belgium

At an early age he became fascinated by the music of The Velvet Underground and the scene of Andy Warhol’s ‘Factory’. It was a starting point for a further discovery of the real meaning of Pop Art, which brought him to artists such as Basquiat, Lichtenstein, Opie…

In the mid 90’s he experimented with photography, videosampling and cinematography to create his personal view on existing photo and video footage.

Later he became inspired by ‘stencil art’, a subculture of graffiti. His fixation on infamous street artists such as Blek le Rat, Shepard Fairey, Banksy, D*Face, MBW, Jef Aerosol, C215, Borf, Eine, Above… appealed to him and encouraged him to explore and understand the technique of stencil art. The so called simplicity and volatility of their medium shows the viewer a more complex and accessible message. So easy, yet so profound.

His work redefines images with mutual affinity into a new vision on context and understanding. Underneath the volatility of the spray paint the viewer will discover controversy, disillusionement, laughter and criticism on iconic images beyond the evidence.

His current collection ‘SPRAY CANS’ shows you an underlying aspect of what seems conventional. It is a contrast between word and image, fun and criticism.